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26 January 2008 @ 08:40 pm
Flash Fiction -- BATH DADDY (science fiction, 300 words)  
© 2008, Made in DNA

"Bath Daddy! Bath Daddy!" The toddler jumped up and down in joy at the prospect of bath time once more.

Daddy chuckled, pleased the little boy enjoyed bath time with him. It was, after all, the only time he ever got to see his beloved.

After his mother had undressed him, the little boy bound into the room that was a combination shower and bath. Swirls of lazy steam whirled dizzily in the boy's wake.

Daddy had prepared two plastic stools on which the pair sat down and began washing each other. Daddy took particular fatherly care to wash behind the child's ears, under his armpits and all the spots a boy the age of three himself would miss.

After rinsing well, the pair jumped into the waiting hot water of the tub with its flotilla of multicolored monkeys, whales, dogs and associated animal shape outlines of plastic.

They sang songs and talked of the boy's day. It was a good bath, as all baths are meant to be, but not all are everyday. On a scale of one to ten, Daddy rated this a ten. Bliss.

When the time was appropriate, Daddy pressed the Call button on the bath tub controls and the boy's mother came with towel to bundle the boy off to his jammies waiting in the other room.

Daddy stepped back into the water, sat and waited.

Half an hour later, when the boy's mother returned, his was there for her. And he was there for her.

With a sigh of contentment, the boy's mother stepped from the bath, kissed Daddy, and pressed the Drain button on the bath controls.

Gurgling contentedly the bath finally slipped away, Daddy lay down in it, and closed his eyes.

The boy's mother pulled the slide-top over the bath up to Daddy's neck. "Goodnight Bath Daddy. And thank you again."

Bath Daddy opened his eyes and replied, "This Bath Daddy is pleased to serve you Ma'am. May you have a pleasant tomorrow."

A smile fell on her lips, she pulled the cover over the top fully, and pressed the Clean button.
Slyfootslyfoot on January 26th, 2008 01:45 pm (UTC)
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turnheronturnheron on January 27th, 2008 04:29 am (UTC)
this is good.